Operational Safety with CAA Qualified Drone Pilots

Operational Safety

A Civil Aviation Authority  (CAA) qualification such as the PfCO or the new A2 CofC and GVC qualifications are mandatory for anyone operating a commercial aerial photography drone business in the UK, along with adequate public liability insurance.

Aeronauts pilots are very experienced and have passed the CAA-approved exams, flight assessments and obtained the necessary documentation and registration form the CAA .

To fly a Small Unmanned Aircraft (‘SUA’) in the UK, either commercially or recreationally, all pilots are required to comply with CAP393: Air Navigation Order unless otherwise approved by the CAA.

The main operational conditions for an SUA are:

  • Maintaining a distance of 50m from people and property not in control of the pilot.
  • During take off and landing maintain a distance of 30m from people and property not in control of the pilot.
  • Permission of the landowner to take off and land.
  • Do not fly directly overhead or within a minimum distance of 150m from an open-air assembly of over 1000 people.
  • Fly a maximum height of 400ft above ground level.
  • Maintain visual line of sight of the SUA to a maximum distance of 500m.
  • Fly during daylight hours, so that you can clearly see the SUA and take avoiding action from other air users if required.
  • Outside of controlled airspace.
  • Restrictions apply to certain areas of Central London and additional permissions to fly in these areas need to be sought from the CAA.
  • Restrictions and rules apply to flying near an airport and aerodrome.
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